Women's Tennis Serving Up Their Majors and Goals This Fall



The 2023 fall semester began at Mercer County Community College on Tuesday, September 5  th .  Our student athletes are taking to the field, court and classrooms.  Some of our athletes shared their majors, where they are from and what they want to be when they "grow up."  We caught up with the women's tennis team to see what their majors and goals are.


Diana Kalajdzic (East Windsor, NJ/Hightstown HS) and Andrea Vasquez (San Felipe, Venezuela/Hightstown HS) are both Business Administration majors with a concentration in Global Studies.  Kalajdzic wants to be an entrepreneur, while Vasquez wants to be a leader.  Valeria Vargas (Valencia, Venezuela/Instituto Santa Cruz) is also studying Business Administration and wants to be a business person and famous.  Makenna Swasey (Hamilton, NJ/Steinert) is a Biology major and wants to be a Marine Biologist.  Leticia Kitio (Newark, NJ/Lawrence HS) is studying Sports Management (a Business Administration concentration) and wants to be a Sports Agent and professional tennis player.  Jessica Buker (Hamilton, NJ/Steinert) is a Criminal Justice major who wants to be an Investigator. 


MCCC offers popular majors like Biology, Business Administration and Criminal Justice as well as many other majors and concentrations to match your interests and needs.  Whether from neighboring cities like East Windsor or Hamilton or from another country like Venezuela, MCCC has a major for you. 


To view the many programs MCCC has to offer visit:  https://www.mccc.edu/academics.shtml




 Makenna Swasey


 Diana Kalajdzic


Leticia Kitio


 Andrea Vasquez


  Jessica Buker


 Valeria Vargas