MCCC Women's Soccer Ready to Kick off the Fall Semester


The 2023 fall semester began at Mercer County Community College on Tuesday, September 5 th.  Our student athletes are taking to the field, court and classrooms.  Some of our athletes shared their majors, where they are from and what they want to be when they "grow up."  Check out the variety of majors on our women's soccer team.


Carly Krajcsovics (Hamilton, NJ/Steinert) and Luana Nascimento (Brazil/Colegio Estadual Do Espiritu Santo) are Nursing majors.  Hannah Worrell (Florence, NJ/Florence Twp. Memorial) and Fiona Madigan (Dublin, Ireland/Fingal Community College) are Exercise Science majors.  Worrell has the goal of becoming an Athletic Trainer.  Celina Oliveira (Vila Praia de Ancara, Portugal/Escola Basica Secoudario Do Vale Do Ancara) is studying Business and wants to enter the Marketing field.  Alexandria Petrullo (Hamilton, NJ/Steinert) is a Criminal Justice Major who wants to be a Criminal Investigator.  Liz Kelley (West Windsor, NJ/West Windsor South) is majoring in Psychology and wants to be a Psychologist (and soccer player). Teammate Victoria Minutenag (Brazil/Escola Pinheiro-A.V. Mathius) is also a Psychology major who is not sure what specifically she wants to do for a career but she does want to be a “good person.”  Sarah Kircher (Celle, Germany/Hermann Billung Gymnasium) and Laura Kucharz (Singen, Germany/Friedrich Wohler Gymnasium) are majoring in Liberal Arts and Business Administration/Sports Management, respectively.


From Brazil to Ireland, Germany and Portugal, Hamilton to West Windsor, members of the women's soccer team have found their home at MCCC and found a major and program to meet their interests.  Whether you are an international student or live in Mercer County or any other county in NJ, MCCC has over 80 majors and programs.  For more information on these programs, visit:



  L to R: Hannah Worrell, Alex Petrullo, Carley Karajcsovics


Celina Oliveira


 Luana Nascimento


  Victoria Minutentag


  Liz Kelley


 Fiona Madigan


  L to R: Sarah Kircher and Laura Kucharz