Athletics Alumni Spotlight

Matt Wherley, Men's Soccer


You never know when you may run into a former MCCC athlete and that proved to be the case at the Vikings first home basketball game of the season.  One of the West Windsor police officers working security at the game was former MCCC men’s soccer player Matt Wherley.


Wherley was a goalie on the 2011 MCCC men’s soccer team.  Wherley sustained an elbow injury and was unable to play that season. Former Athletic Trainer Lisa Camillone who works part time for the Athletic Department and was selling tickets to the basketball game that night thought Wherley looked familiar.  Wherley explained about his elbow and that he did spend a lot of time in the training room as a result of that injury.


Wherley had been a cop in Ewing for eight years.  He recently took a job with the Sheriff’s office in West Windsor, who is staffing security at MCCC home basketball games.


While at MCCC, Wherley studied Criminal Justice.  Wherley reflected on his time at MCCC and was very grateful for his professors.  “The professors and classes I had here were very good.  I really enjoyed the Criminal Justice classes.  Professor Bondurant and Armour were both great and very helpful.”  (Both Professor Armour and Bondurant are still teaching Criminal Justice classes at MCCC.)


Wherley began his journey at MCCC and ironically ended up back at Mercer working in his new job with the Sheriff’s office.  Running into Worley at MCCC’s first basketball game shows that you never know where you will end up after you come to MCCC and in his case, it’s a full circle journey back to where he started.



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Wherley on duty at an MCCC basketball game



Wherley on the 2011 men's soccer team