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MCCC Student Activities Awards Banquet
May 11, 2012, at the Conference Center

Pictured are the Above and Beyond Award winners at MCCC's Student Activities 2012 Awards Banquet. Student awardees include: Shawn Khan, Mitchell Richtman, Vikash Ramharrack, Michael Hernandez, Musa Kilima, Anthony Borek, Xue Ling Lee, Sara Abbott, Ashley Minter, Gabriella Feltre, Joeseph Termen, Kelly Barnes, Dana Toff, Michael Benson, Melody Hicks, Alanna Virginio, Sarah Dodge, Jonathan Reed, Chelsea Pitonyak, Daniel Woods and Greg Piccorillo.
MCCC Faculty member Frank Benowitz (far right) was named the Advisor of the Year (Hospitality Club). He is pictured with students Anderson Monken (far left), Jose Rodriguez (center), and Benowitz's daughter, Madelaine (front).
Pictured are College Award recipients, from left: Ashley Minter (Leadership, James Kerney campus), Alex Henry (Leadership, West Windsor campus), James Reslier-Wells (Human Relations), Amanda Knoblock (Community Service), and presenters Amber Hinshaw and Ashleigh Donaldson.
New Student Government Association Board members are, from left: Anderson Monken, Melody Hicks, James Reslier-Wells, Jonathan Reed, and Timothy Hoffman.
Pictured are Outstanding Student and Student Leadership Award winners. Leadership awardees included Anderson Monken, Jana Wolf, James Reisler-Wells, Amber Hinshaw, Barbara Vees, and Ericka Diaz. Outstanding Student awardees included Timothy Hoffman, Adia Dodge, Irene Calabria, Randy Brickhose, Natalie Russano, and Michael Rabenowitz.
Pictured are Phi Theta Kappa members, who won the Club of the Year Award. Holding the award is student Amber Hinshaw.
Student of the Year Award winner Jose Rodriquez is pictured with MCCC President Patricia Donhue (left) and Reverend Robert Wittik (right).
Pictured are students selected for Who's Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges. Pictured with students is Executive Dean of Student Affairs Diane Campbell (far left) and MCCC President Patricia Donohue (center). Students include Sara Jean Abbott, Angelica Ayala, Kelly Barnes, Kyle Bijou, Brandon Bungart, Irene Calabria, Simone Cioccari, Wensley Civil, Jaqueline Concalves, Zulekia Dockery-Maximm, Adia Dodge, Sarah Dodge, Ashleigh Donaldson, Sierra Downs, Alicea Eskeitz, Gabriella Feltre, Laymen Flack, Sascha Haecker, Alexander Henry, Michael Hernandez, Amber Hinshaw, Chelsea Holman, Sairah Johnson, Shawn Khan, Amanda Knoblock, Olena Koual, Nikolette Lichtman, Sabella Lichtman, Maria Llapa, Vitoria Lorenzetti, Amanda Lutz, Anderson Monken, Ana Gabriela Morales, Sabrina Nogueiras, Alison Noll, Joshua James Partyka, Taylor Pickett-Stokes, Chelsea Pitonyak, Jose Rodriguez, Mary Rossi, Nyamenta Sailvilus, Daiana Sousa, Dana Toff, Stanley Tuchez, and Jana Wolf.
Pictured is SGA Leadership Award winner Alex Henry.
Pictured are 2011-12 Student Goverment Board members, from left: Addie Dodge, Vikash Ramharrack, Anderson Monken, Jose Rodriguez, Alex Henry and Shawn Khan.