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MCCC Staff Recognized for Years of Service
Pictured with President Patricia Donohue and Board Chair Mark Matzen

Ten-year awardees are pictured with President Donohue, far left, and Board Chair Mark Matzen, far right. Pictured front row, from left, are Linda Ertingu, Amy Bessellieu, Gianna Durso-Finley, and Jocelyn Tyree; second row, from left, are Bilquis Zaka, Savita Bambhrolia, Arju Bhojwani, and Board Chair Mark Matzen; last row, from left, are Ronald Smith, Peter Krynicki, Richard Porter, Mitchell Canter, Walter Brooks, and Lydia Walegir. Not pictured are Frederick Carella, Carol Friend, Wendy Homer, Cynthia Horne, Marzena O'Reilly, Bill Scheidell, Christopher Smith, Laura Sosa, Paul Spagnoli, Robert Van Hise, Leroy Wilkerson, and William Lewis.
Fifteen-year awardees, from left, are Sharmila Sen, John Simone, Winifred Howard, Bryan O'Neal, Alexandra Popescu, Floyd Bledsoe, Barbara Pieslak, and Felicia Powell. Not pictured are Joseph Blando, William Daily, Christopher Depagnier, Douglas Fee, Darryl Foyuth, Joshua Milstein, and James White III.
Twenty-year awardees, from left, are Kathryn Pinner, Jane O'Reilly, Allan Kelly, Colleen Courtney, Antimo Cesaro, Linda Falkow, and Susan Holman. Not pictuerd are Coleen Bryce, William Downs, William Petrosky, and Sheryl Trotman.
Twenty-five year awardees, from left, are Michael Welliver, Jerry Simicsak, Eric Perkins, Lynn Coopersmith, and Jeffrey Callahan. Not pictured is Michael Beihl.
Thirty-year awardees, from left, are Levi Powell and Carole Ann Schwarz. Not pictured are Wilma Harley, Carl Markau, and Ellen Wijesinghe.
Thirty-five year awardees, from left, are Donald Reichman, Michael Glass and Laurene Jones.
Forty-year awardee is Robert Pugh, pictured with President Patricia Donohue (left) and Board Chair Mark Matzen (right).
Forty-five year awardees, from left, are Edith Silver, Leslie Grunes, Dominick DeFino, and Paul Scheid. Not pictured is Carl Kovelowski.
Fred Weiner was awarded the 24th Annual Employee Human Relations Award.
Lucia Brown-Joseph was awarded the 24th Annual Employee Community Service Award.