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Thirty-Eight MCCC Nursing Graduates Recognized at Pinning Ceremony


West Windsor, N.J. – Students from Mercer County Community College’s (MCCC) Nursing program gathered at the college’s Kelsey Theatre in late May to celebrate both an ending and a beginning.  Thirty-eight men and women stood proudly in front of their friends and family during a pinning ceremony, marking the beginning of a new career in nursing.

“We are all about learning and student success, and what a success we are celebrating tonight,” said MCCC President Patricia Donohue.

Dr. Guy Generals, MCCC vice president for Academic Affairs, thanked the graduates on deciding to pursue one of the most selfless careers.  “You should be commended for choosing this as a profession,” he said.   “Remember us and continue to strive.”

Presiding over the ceremonies was Dr. Linda Martin, dean of Science and Health Professions, who gave words of encouragement and praise for the graduating class.  Among the honored guests of the evening was Jane Foy, a graduate of one of the first nursing classes at Mercer.

Jane Plunkett of Lawrenceville was the 2012 Nursing Valedictorian.  “This has been a challenging and exciting journey for all of us,” said Plunkett, who made a career change after 25 years in the financial services industry.  “We have supported each other through the demands of our studies and the demands of our lives, sharing in one another’s joys and sorrows.”

Plunkett made the decision to go into nursing after raising her own family.  She said she had always wanted to have a “helping profession” and was glad she finally made the career change.  “Raising three children and caring for elderly parents made me realize what a difference caring health care providers can make,” she said.

Pictured are May graduates of MCCC’s Nursing program, from left: Stanley Chin, Kathryn Carrig, Genevieve Belfiglio, and Melody Boyce.

Pictured are MCCC Nursing program graduates, from left: Kayla Guindon, Lahkeisha Henderson, Jennifer Gelak, Nam Han, Justin Framolaro, Sasha Foreman, and Christian Ewaskiewicz.

In her speech to her classmates, Plunkett reminded her fellow students that while many of them had points during their studies where they thought they might not finish, by standing here today they were proving themselves worthy of the nursing field. “Each one of us who was called to the profession must go forward with pride and enthusiasm, because we DO have what it takes,” she said.

Students and faculty also shared their gratitude towards the families of the nursing graduates, for their patience and support during years of rigorous studying and preparing for their career.

Pictured is the May 2012 graduating class of MCCC’s Nursing program following the pinning ceremony at Kelsey Theatre.
Pictured left is Dr. Linda Martin, dean of Science and Health Professions, with MCCC's 2012 Nursing program Valedictorian, Jane Plunkett.

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