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Alum’s Dream Takes Flight After Earning Her Aviation Degree
at Mercer


West Windsor, N.J. – For MCCC Alumna Malgorzata Kolisz ’06 (A.A.S, Aviation Customer Relations), the quote by Nobel Prize-winning physicist and chemist Marie Sklodowska-Curie sums up her life perfectly: “Nothing in life is to be feared – it is only to be understood.”

At the age of 28, Kolisz made the decision to leave Poland and lived in Italy for almost two years before coming to live in the U.S. In her home country she had been an economist; however upon coming to the states she wanted to pursue a passion she had since childhood.  “My dream was to work for an airline,” said Kolisz, recalling how, as a child, she would love to watch the sky for planes going overhead. 

MCCC Alum Malgorzata Kolisz '06 currently works as a customer service agent for Delta at Liberty National Airport.

When Kolisz first came to America she worked for Carter-Wallace in Trenton, a healthcare and pharmaceutical company.  When the company shut down their operations, she took the opportunity to be retrained through the state-sponsored program, Job Training Partnership Act, which placed her in the Career Training Institute at Mercer.  In 1998, she earned her PC Applications Specialist and Office Automation Certificate, and decided to continue on at Mercer by enrolling in the Aviation Customer Relations program at the West Windsor campus.

“At the time I was the mother of a young son and needed to continue earning money for my family.  However I decided it was time to follow my dream,” she said.

Kolisz enjoyed her time at Mercer, engrossing herself in courses such as the History and Pioneers of Aviation, International Business Practice, and Aviation Transportation.  “I will always remember my Mercer professors as friendly professionals that made sure I succeeded,” she said, recalling Aviation Professor Jean Jones as a great mentor during her time at the college.

In 2006, Kolisz graduated from Mercer with a degree in Aviation Customer Relations.  One month later she was hired by Northwest Airlines as a customer service agent at Liberty National Airport in Newark.  In 2010, Northwest merged with Delta Air Lines, which is where Kolisz works today.  In her current job she handles reservations, ticketing, calculation and collection of excess baggage charges, documentation, and assisting customers with complying with immigration customs formalities. 

“Mercer was the gateway for following my dream to work for an airline and travel to destinations around the world,” said Kolisz.  “Every day I use the skills I learned from my professors at Mercer.  Traveling is an art form, which requires thorough communication and organizational skills, all of which I acquired at Mercer.”

Kolisz has enjoyed traveling the world, with passport stamps from places like Belgium, Holland, Italy, Mexico, Thailand, France, Germany, and the Czech Republic.  “Through all my traveling I’ve been able to learn and appreciate new cultures, languages and food,” she said.  “I was even able to fly to London two years ago to witness the Royal Wedding,” she added.

Kolisz said she is now looking to continue her studies and earn her bachelor’s degree in Hospitality through Mercer’s University Center.

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