Instructor:  Daniel Rose            LA 174, extension 3893       email:


Office Hours:        Mon. & Wed. 9-10; Tues. 11-12, Thur. 11-12 & 3-4.  Also by appointment.
Feel free to stop by during my office hours if you have any questions about any part of the
course.  You may also get help in the Learning Center, LB224, 2nd floor WWC Library.


Required Materials: 

Text:  Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data, 2nd Ed., Michael Sullivan III


Software:  Minitabฎ (included with book) – statistical & data analysis software package


Calculator:  Permissible scientific calculators include TI 30X, IIS TI 34II Explorer Plus models

                     Permissible graphing calculators include TI83, TI 83 Plus, TI-84 Plus, or any TI83-84 model

                     One calculator (either scientific or graphing) is required.



Attendance is expected in every class. Students are responsible for all of the material covered. Refer to the college catalog on class attendance - A grade of WI can be given if a student misses
5 classes by the deadline for mid-semester progress grades.



There will be homework assignments assigned in class, as well as occasional quizzes. Each of these will contribute to your grade and will be announced ahead of time. When collected, late homework is not accepted, and no make-up quizzes are given. Late homeworks and missed quizzes get a score of 0. Your lowest score can be dropped, whether it’s a homework or quiz.


Projects and Tests:


There will be two projects in this course. Both projects will require the use of Minitab, together with handwritten calculations. The first 5 weeks of the course focus on the projects. There will be three tests, each given in class. The tentative schedule for the due dates of the projects and tests dates are provided below, as well as the schedule on the reverse side.


Project 1:  One Variable Data Analysis                                                             Due 2/1

Project 2:  Regression and Correlation                                                             Due 2/19

Test 1:      Data Collection and Calculations                                                    In class 3/8

Test 2:      Binomial and Normal Distributions                                 In class 4/12

Test 3:      Inference – Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing        In class 5/3


Classroom Environment/Cell Phones (Taken from page 34 of the Student Handbook)

Everyone at Mercer is to respect the rights of students to learn. You may be asked to leave any class session if you disrupt the learning environment. Please note that disruptive behavior, ranging from engaging in side conversations, receiving cell phone calls or audible beeper messages that disturb others will not be condoned. Cell phones and audible pagers are to be turned off in all academic learning environments

unless previously approved by the instructor or responsible administrator. The college strives to create an environment that fosters a sense of community, pride and respect; we are all here to work cooperatively and to learn together. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding this.



Tentative Course Schedule:

I will begin each class by answering questions you have on the homework. Any changes to this schedule will be announced in class. You are responsible for the material covered on the days below:



Main Tasks/Assessments

Sections covered




1/16 – T


Project 1
One Variable Data Analysis


Selections from Ch. 1, 2, 3

1/18 – R

1/23 – T

1/25 – R

1/30 – T

2/1 – R


Project 2

Regression and Correlation

Project 1 Due

2/6 – T


Selections from Ch. 4

2/8 – R

2/13 – T

2/15 – R

2/19 – T


Prepare for Test 1

Data Collection and Calculation

Project 2 Due

2/22 – R


Selections from Ch. 1, 2, 3, 4

2/27 – T

3/1 – R

3/6 – T

3/8 – R

Test 1

Test 1

3/13 – T

Spring Recess – No Class


3/15 – R

3/20 – T



Prepare for Test 2

Binomial & Normal Distributions



Selections from Ch. 6, 7 ,8

3/22 – R

3/27 – T

3/29 – R

4/3 – T

4/5 – R

4/10 – T

4/12 – R

Test 2

Test 2

4/17 – T


Prepare for Test 3

Confidence Intervals & Hypothesis Testing


Selections from Ch. 9, 10

4/19 – R

4/24 – T

4/26 – R

5/1 – T

5/3 – R

Test 3

Test 3


Grading Distribution:


Project 1                 15%

Project 2                 15%

Test 1                     20%

Test 2                     20%

Test 3                     20%

Quizzes                  10%



Grade Scale:         

A= 93-100%,  A-=90-92%,  B+=87-89%,  B=83-86%, B-=80-82%, C+=77-79%, C=70-76%
D=60-69%,  F=0-59%