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Philosophy: There are traditionally 2 exams, a cumulative midterm, and a cumulative final. The First exam is to get the student familiar with the style of tests given by the professor.

The Midterm is in-class and is designed to mimic a final exam. (After this exam the student should have a clear idea if achieving success is possible.)

The Third exam is to ensure the student has an opportunity to prepare for all material on a Final before the Final. There are no practice finals below because the material to be tested is spanned by the other practice tests and actual tests given in class.Good Luck!

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MAT140 Take-home test #3

College Algebra MAT140 Exam 3

College Algebra  (Using ALEKS software for exams)

Precalc 1 MAT141Exam1

Precalc 1 MAT141 Exam2

Precalc 1 MAT141 Exam3


Precalc MAT146 Exam1

Precalc MAT146 Midterm

Precalc MAT146 Exam3

Calculus 1

151 test 1

Calculus 1 MAT151 Test1

Calculus 1 MAT151 Test2

Calculus 1 MAT151 Test3

Calculus 1 MAT151 Test4

Calculus 1 MAT151 Test5

Calculus 1 MAT151 Midterm

Calculus 2

Calculus 2 MAT152 Test1

Calculus 2 MAT152 Test2

Calculus 2 MAT152 Test3

Calculus 2 MAT152 Test4

Calculus 2 MAT152 Test5

Calculus 2 MAT152 Midterm

 Calculus 3

Calc 3 MAT251 Exam1

Calc 3 MAT251 Midterm

Calc 3 MAT251 Exam3


Linear Algebra

Lin. Alg. MAT208 Exam1

Lin. Alg. MAT208 Midterm

Lin. Alg.MAT208 Exam3


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