My philosophy is that I’d like to be able to write a good letter of recommendation. You will have the opportunity to do the following in this class:

Extensive use a variety of technologies including ALEKS® (first two weeks), Connect®,,  and TI-84 Graphing Calculator.

Daily Group-work involving working as a team leader, regular presentations to the class, documenting work and supporting arguments, giving feedback and reaching out to others.

Conclude something useful with an individual project with Powerpoint®/Posters/Videos. Work online to gather relevant data. Think critically.


I'd like you to answer these Daily Questions:

What is Mathematics?   A language
What is calculus? The study of change
What is changing in Calculus? Functions
What are the three main ways a function can change? Increase, decrease, or Stay Constant
What are the two rates of changes? Average and Instantaneous
What is a function? Data, Graphs, or Equations
Where does data come from? Life
How does data become equations? Calculator/ Regressions


Some advice for the coming semester:  Note the Spring semester is especially difficult. When the weather gets nicer towards the end, you’ll want to go out in it and your math will suffer. Try not to fall behind, and check your email regularly for reminders from me.

You are responsible for all the material I cover, so it is best not to miss class. The only excuse I want to hear is “Family Emergency.”

A comment on your Class behavior: If you feel like talking in class- I encourage you to TEXT. If you feel like sleeping in class, be sure you do so correctly. If you want to say anything about yourself, make sure you say “I love math!”

 If you have a better email, be sure I have it. I will send feedback regularly.

Grading system:

 If you have a better email, be sure I have it. I will send feedback regularly.

A checkmark “√”- you have supported your answer, I think it’s correct and you get full credit.

An “OK”- you have supported your answer, I think it’s wrong, but you get Full Credit. I do not take off for arithmetic or algebra errors

A “1/2”- you have supported a correct answer, but crossed it off, so you get HALF Credit.

A “How?” – you get NO CREDIT for not showing work, including calculator instructions