Mercer County Community College

Prof. Porter

MAT111 Calculus Test 3: Derivative of Logs, Exponents, Inverse Trig Functions


  1. Given the following data, fit to an exponential curve: (1,2),(2,4),(3,12)
  2. Plot the data and give the equation of the regression.
  3. Use the regression to predict y when x is 4.
  4. Given the exponential function, y = 6e0.145x find the average growth rate between x=1 and x=2
  5. Find the instantaneous growth rate at x=1
  6. Find y for the function y = cos (ln x)
  7. Use logarithmic differentiation to find y for the function y = xcos(x)
  8. Find y for the function y = 6ex sin-1 (2x)
  9. Evaluate the limit
  10. Evaluate the limit
  11. the limit
  12. the limit Hint: Find LCD