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Mercer County Community College, Trenton, NJ 08690
April 28, 2016

Spring Day 2016: A Bit Chilly,
But Still Fun for All

With overcast skies and the temperature in the low 60s, it might not have the ideal setting for a Spring Day event.  But that was not enough to keep students from enjoying some well-deserved recreation and having an opportunity to promote their respective clubs.  For members of the Radiography Student Association, it was no different.

Tables were set on the northeast corner of the quad.  Association members displayed radiographic images and handed out informational brochures to prospective students.  They also created some fun with two games of skill (bean bag toss) and knowledge (assemble a plastic skeleton correctly).  Winners won free cup cakes.  Yummy!  The Radiography Program mascot (no, not Trenton Thunder's Boomer) posed with the group for a photo to mark the occasion.

RSA Officers pose with lab skeleton.  Boomer was a featured guest at the Spring Day event.