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May 17, 2014

Radiography Admissions in a Nutshell

The Radiography Program receives numerous requests for information on how to enroll in its professional courses.  In response, the paragraphs that follow offer an encapsulation of how prospective students are admitted into those courses.  The accompanying links provide added details and should be explored fully.  Please note that the petition form submission process has changed.  Please make sure to direct inquiries to MCCC's Admissions Office.

The Radiography Program admits students into its radiography courses once each year coinciding with the fall semester.  Candidate selection is based on a number of measures, including date of matriculation as a radiography science major, grade-point average and successful completion of specific prioritization courses.

Students newly admitted to the college with little or no previous college course completion should take the Basic Skills Placement Tests in reading, writing and computational skills.  These assessment tests are administered at the James Kerney and West Windsor Campuses.  Once the scores are determined and entered into the system, students can be advised on the courses -- such as English, history, etc. -- that should be taken.

Advisement is conducted by Radiography Program faculty or by MCCC's Enrollment Services counselors.  All developmental courses that are prescribed must be completed before a student can be considered for admission into radiography courses.

As of January 2013, PHY109 Fundamentals of Physics replaced PHY111 as the required physics course.  Be advised that MAT135 Intermediate Algebra with Applications is a pre-requisite to PHY109.  Those who completed PHY111 before January 2013 will be granted a waiver so long as course completion is within 5 years of petitioning for admission into radiography-specific courses. Candidates who successfully complete a high school or college laboratory physics course within five years of seeking admission into radiography courses will also be exempt from taking PHY109.  They should also have completed BIO103 Anatomy and Physiology I and BIO104 Anatomy and Physiology II, respectively, two of the four prioritization courses used in the Radiography Program selection process.  The mathematics component, one of the prioritization courses used in the selection process, requires the completion of MAT135, or MAT200 Statistics for Social and Health Sciences I or an approved alternative.

Those with previous college experience may be able to apply their credits toward the radiography degree.  Along with completion of the college application, students should arrange for transcripts from other colleges and universities to be mailed to MCCC's Admissions Office.  Determination of applicability and transferability of college credit is made by the Radiography Program Coordinator, Professor Sandra Kerr.

Each February candidates submit a form that serves as the formal request to be admitted into the radiography courses being offered in August of the same year.  Called the Petition to Commence the Professional Phase of the Radiography Program, the form is completed and returned to the Science and Health Professions Division Office in person or by first-class mail.  At the end of February, the forms are reviewed and prioritized by courses completed, cumulative grade point average (currently 2.5 or higher) and matriculation date.  Acceptance letters are then mailed to candidates according to the rank established by the prioritization process until all seats are filled.  The entire process may extend into the early part of the summer term based on the current pool of candidates.  Accordingly, candidates are asked to be patient and not frequently request updates on their selection status.

Acceptance into the radiography program is offered without regard to political views, religion, national or ethnic origin, race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability unrelated to job or program requirements.