Mercer County Community College

Division of Business and Technology


IST 101 – Computer Concepts and Office Applications



Summer 2014

Section:             IST-101-090

Start and End Date:      07/09/2014-08/14/2014

Meeting Days and Times: Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 10:00AM - 11:20AM, Administration, Room AD107                                

                                        Lab Tuesday, Thursday 11:30AM - 01:00PM, Administration, Room AD233



Professor:          __  Queen E. Okike-Iroka,Ed.D._______                 

Phone:                 __(609) 570-3464_________________

Email:                  _  okikeq@mccc.edu_______________


Office Hours:        Tuesday 9-10am_________________




About the Course: At the end of the course you will have a greater understanding of information technology, computer hardware and software, digital data, networking, the internet, and ethical issues concerning information technology. You will be able to articulate researched points concerning an ethical issue in IT. You will also be able to manipulate Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with basic functions.



             30% final exams (100 objective-based concept questions and 40 activity-based application exercises)

             20% Lab assignments (you will complete activity-based lab assignments for each unit of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)

             20% quizzes (you will have one 20-question quiz for each unit of information technology concepts)

             20% Final Project (you will research a topic, write a paper in APA format, and present the findings using PowerPoint)

             10% Homework and Midterm Exams (Homework assignments prepare you for the final project and the midterm prepares you for the final

Course materials:

Textbook Bundle:  sold only in MCCC bookstore: (ISBN: 1269342940)

Lecture Textbook: Custom Edition for MCCC of Technology in Action,      Complete, Tenth Edition

Lab Textbook: Custom Edition for MCCC of GO! With Office 2010,          Volume 1, Second Edition

Access code for MYITLAB

1 Flash Drive 


Attendance Policy:

It is expected that students attend and be on time for all class meetings; attendance is taken at the beginning of every class.  3 lates count as an absence.  Students are responsible for acquiring content that is covered, announcements made, and materials that may have been distributed in class if they are late or absent. Extra credit points will be added to your final grade at the end of the semester for attending 90% or more of scheduled class meetings. 

Assignment Policy:

All assignments are expected to be handed in on the due date at the beginning of class.  10% will be deducted each week for assignments turned in late. 


Academic Integrity Statement

Academic integrity is important to student success. Students who submit the work of another student will be penalized.  Be mindful that MYITLAB indicates to the instructor when a student has uploaded the work of another student.  According to the student handbook, “A student who, a) knowingly represents work of others as his/her own; b) uses or obtains unauthorized assistance in the execution of any academic work; or c) gives fraudulent assistance to another student is guilty of cheating. Violators will be penalized.”


Classroom Conduct Statement

The college welcomes all students into an environment that creates a sense of community and pride and respect; we are all here to work cooperatively and to learn together.


Students must follow ordinary rules of courtesy during class sessions. Engaging in private conversations, texting, answering a cell phone, sleeping, or other disruptive behavior during class time will not be tolerated.


Reasonable Accommodations for Students with Documented Disabilities

Mercer County Community College is in compliance with both the ADA and section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. If you have, or believe you have, a differing ability that is protected under the law please contact Arlene Stinson in LB 216, call 570-3525, or email at  for information regarding support services.


Accelerated option

This course is designed to be useful for students with moderate computer competence.  There is provision in this course, however, for students who demonstrate an above average level of computer / information technology competence to be given credit for their experience.


If a student takes both pre-test exams, proctored by the course instructor, and passes each with a 90% or better score in the first 2 weeks of the semester, they have demonstrated above average computer / information technology competence. Students meeting these criteria are entitled to the following course grading:

           80% Pre-Tests (100 objective-based concept questions and 40 activity-based application exercises)

           20% Final Project (you will research a topic, write a paper in APA format, and present the findings using PowerPoint)


IST101:  TTH 7-week ( s )




Lab – 11:30am - 1:00pm

Lecture – 10-11:20am



Lab 1 - Internet Explorer, MercerMail                             Internet




Lab 2 - Register MYITLAB, pre-test

Ch. 1 – Using Technology to change the world



Lab 3 - Creating documents with MS Word 2010                   Word Ch.1

Ch. 2 – Looking at Computers: Understanding the Parts



Lab 4 – File Management, creating documents with MS Word 2010      

                                                         Word Ch. 1

Ch. 3 – Understanding and Assessing Hardware



Lab 5 – Using tables and templates to create resumes                Word Ch. 2

Ch. 4 – Under the Hood



Lab 6 – Creating research papers/final project

                                           Word Ch. 3

Ch. 5 – Digital Lifestyle
Ch. 6 - IT Ethics




          Research paper/final project in progress

Ch. 7 – Application Software          



Lab 7 -Reseach paper/ final project in progress.

Ch. 11 - Information Literacy, Pgs 383-391, Evaluating Web Sites         



Lab 8 – Creating a worksheet and charting data                      Excel Ch. 1

Ch. 8 – Using System Software

Collect Research paper.



Lab 9 – Using functions, creating tables                                  Excel Ch. 2

Ch. 11 - Information Literacy, Pgs 392-411, APA Formatting




Lab 10 – Analyzing data with pie charts                                  Excel Ch. 3

Ch. 9 –Databases and Information Systems



Lab 11 – Getting started with PowerPoint                          PPT Ch. 1

Ch. 10 – Using the Internet




Lab 12 – Formatting PowerPoint presentations                        PPT Ch. 2

Lab 13 – Enhancing a presentation with animation                     PPT Ch. 3

Ch. 12 – Networking

Ch. 13 – Careers in IT




                           Final Projects Due