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Angela Provitera McGlynn, professor emeritus of psychology at Mercer County Community College where she taught for 35 years, is currently an international presenter on issues related to teaching, learning, and diversity, and is a corporate trainer for Transformation Associates, LLC.  Professor McGlynn earned a BA in Psychology from Rutgers University, a Master's degree in Psychology from Temple University, and she studied towards the Ph.D. degree at The New School for Social Research in Manhattan. She was also the recipient of a National Endowment fellowship to study for one year in Princeton University's doctoral psychology program. Angela holds a certificate in family therapy from Trinity Counseling Service in Princeton NJ and previously practiced individual, group, relationship, and family therapy.

Her latest book (2011) is entitled, Envisioning Equity: Educating and Graduating Low-income, First-generation, and Minority College Students, Atwood Publishing.  Previous books include:

Teaching Today's College Students: Widening the Circle of Success, published by Atwood Publishing, 2007, and Successful Beginning for College Teaching: Engaging your students from the first day, Atwood Publishing, 2001.

Angela is the co-author (with Dr. F.R. Serlin) of the book, Living With Yourself, Living With Others: A Woman's Guide, published by Prentice-Hall, 1979. She has written three manuscripts entitled, Celebrating Diversity: Enhancing Harmony on Campus, Teaching Tips: Improving College Instruction, and Classroom Atmosphere: Improving the Teaching/Learning Environment, all published by MCCC. Angela has also published numerous scholarly articles on a wide range of topics, including 173 articles for the journal, The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education.

Angela published “Community Colleges Must Be at Forefront in Narrowing Achievement Gaps,” for Community College Week’s special digital summer issue, June 27, 2011.  She contributed to NISOD’s Innovation Abstracts (Vol. XXX, No. 23) with a piece entitled "College Classrooms Today: What is a Professor to do?"

Additionally, Angela did an interview with a Web site called Diversity Benefits Everyone that can be found online at:, April 11, 2015. She co-authored Advice for Parents to Give their Kids Entering into College about Diversity, Taylor, C., Ajeto, D., Provitera McGlynn, A., Johnson, D., and Billingslea, A., found at:, February 28, 2014. 

Angela has presented workshops at colleges and universities and at conferences on teaching, learning, and diversity issues both nationally and internationally, appeared on radio programs, and has appeared on local and national television programs.

Currently, Angela is writing and speaking on strategies for working with millennial students, for enhancing skills to foster an inclusive, welcoming classroom environment where students feel part of a learning community, for creating learning-centered and active learning classroom environments, for preventing and managing disruptive classroom behavior, and for improving critical thinking skills, retention and graduation rates, especially for underprepared students. She did a two-day symposium for ESPM College in Sao Paulo Brazil and a Key-Note address to the wider Sao Paulo academic community.

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