IST101 - Computer Concepts

Fall 2016

IST101 is a computer literacy course. Most of the work is done in MYITLAB.

At the end of the course you will have a greater understanding of information technology, computer hardware and software, digital data, networking, the internet, and ethical issues concerning information technology. You will be able to articulate researched points concerning an ethical issue in IT. You will also be able to manipulate Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with basic functions.

MYITLAB using Office 2013

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use Microsoft Office 2013

Information Literacy
First Assignments

Lab 1 assignment - Regiser with MYITLAB.

You will need your access code (bundled with textbook) and your course id. Click here to Find your Course id by instructor and section .

Lab 2 - Pre-test

This course is designed to be useful for students with moderate computer competence.  There is provision in this course, however, for students who demonstrate an above average level of computer / information technology competence to be given credit for their experience.

If a student takes both pre-test exams, proctored by the course instructor, and passes each with a 90% or better score in the first 2 weeks of the semester, they have demonstrated above average computer / information technology competence.

Students meeting these criteria are entitled to the following course grading:

80% Pre-Tests (100 objective-based concept questions and 40 activity-based application exercises)

20% Final Project (you will research a topic, write a paper in APA format, and present the findings using PowerPoint)

Above average? See if you have the knowledge and skills: Pre-test topics

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30%final exams:100 objective-based concept questions and 40 activity-based application exercises

 5% midterm exams: 50 objective-based concept questions and 20 activity-based application exercises

30% Lab assignments: you will complete activity-based lab assignments for each unit of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

20% quizzes: you will have one 20-question quiz for each unit of information technology concepts

5% Homework: Homework assignments prepare you for the final project

10% Final Project: you will research a topic, write a paper in APA format, and present the findings using PowerPoint

Contact the course coordinator, Professor Terry Voldase at if you have questions.