Commonly Asked Questions

1.  Do you offer evening classes in Horticulture?

Yes - All required and elective courses in Horticulture will be offered during the evening at least once every three years.  Some are offered every year during the evening.

2.  Would I get hands on experience while taking Horticulture classes at Mercer?

Yes - Every Horticulture class offered at Mercer has the opportunity for hands on experience.  This includes tasks such as drawing landscape plans, flower arranging, operating equipment, raising bedding plants, planting trees, pruning, etc.

3.  What is the job market like for graduates with a degree in Horticulture?

The job market is very good with over 200 Horticulture businesses within the Central New Jersey area alone.  Several businesses in the area actively recruit Mercer Horticulture students on a regular basis.  The salary received depends on the student's area of expertise.

4. Can I be a part time student studying Horticulture at Mercer?

Yes - Approximately 50% of the Horticulture students at Mercer are part time students.

5.  Are there any scholarship opportunities for Horticulture students at Mercer?

Yes - We have approximately $8,000 in scholarships available for both returning and graduating students.  These scholarships are all sponsored by local garden clubs, parks, and plant societies.

6.  Can I transfer to another institution to obtain my Bachelor's degree after graduating from Mercer?

Yes - Students transfer to a variety of  places after graduating from Mercer with a degree in Plant Science or Ornamental Horticulture.  Common places to transfer to include Rutgers University, Delaware Valley College, University of Delaware, Temple University and the State University of New York at Cobleskill.

7.  Does Mercer accept transfer credits from other institutions?

Yes - We do accept transfer credits.  If you have taken college level courses at another institution, be sure to have an official transcript sent to the student records office for evaluation.  Transfer credits must be at least a "C" in order to be accepted.

8.  What is "charge back"?

If you are not a resident of Mercer County, you may be eligible for a tuition charge back.  This means that you do not have to pay out of county rates for horticulture classes because the county that you live in does not offer horticulture classes at their community college.  In order to get tuition charge back you must apply to Mercer, declare horticulture or plant science as your major, and fill out the appropriate paper work.

9.  How do I become a Horticulture or Plant Science major at Mercer?

Simply fill out an application and take the appropriate placement examinations if necessary.  Please contact the admissions office for assistance.

10.  Is it possible to obtain Horticulture credit for on the job work or experiences?

Yes - Credit by experience can be awarded if your experience is the equivalent of a horticulture course here at Mercer.  This evaluation is based on the amount and content of the experience.  We also offer OHT 291 which is a cooperative education experience in horticulture.  This course is a 3 credit requirement that allows you to work within the field of horticulture while gaining both experience and credit for your work.

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