Our Greenhouse and Instructional Facilities at

Mercer County Community College

At Mercer, you will gain professional expertise from faculty members who have on the job experience in the subjects they teach.  The facilities and equipment you'll learn with are similar to what you will find in commercial settings.  Training takes place in a greenhouse complex with an adjoining headhouse.  Within the greenhouse are propagating facilities, classroom facilities, interior plant collections, and a walk-in cooler for cut flowers.  A fenced area behind the greenhouse allows students to grow their own crops under field conditions.  In addition to the greenhouse facilities, students use the biology, chemistry, drafting, and computer laboratories in the academic buildings.

Mercer's 292 acres of grounds contain an extensive woody and herbaceous plant collection for hands-on identification.  Class trips to various forests, natural areas, arboretums, parks, public spaces, gardens and horticultural businesses give the student a broad learning experience.

The display garden.  (built by students)

Views from the inside of our tropical greenhouse.

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