Boxer Shares Story With MCCC and Rubino Students


Heavyweight boxer Chazz Witherspoon spoke to a packed house in the Communications Building on April 28, sharing his personal story and encouraging the mesmerized students to work hard to follow their dreams. The audience included students from Alvyn Haywood’s public speaking class and high schoolers from Rubino Academy.

Witherspoon attended St. Joseph’s University on a full academic scholarship, graduating in 2005 with a degree in Pharmaceutical Marketing. While basketball was his first sport, he felt he could go further with boxing, which he turned to mid-way through college. Despite his late start, he has already distinguished himself at the age of 24 – both for his talent and for his highly disciplined approach to the sport.

His career record stands at 11-0, with 7-0 KO’s. His next bout is scheduled for May 12 against Maurice Wheeler in Philadelphia. He won the 2004 National Golden Gloves with five straight KO’s, the only man in the tournament to do so. He also earned a position as an alternate on the 2004 U.S. Olympic team.



Chazz Witherspoon (second from left) with MCCC staffer Charlie Schlegel, who helped arrange for the visit, his manager Tommy Moran, Prof. Alvyn Haywood, and Witherspoon's father Eric.
Witherspoon took time at the send of the session to sign autographs for all comers.