Super Science Weekend Generates Electricity
MCCC Volunteers Assist at New Jersey State Museum


Mercer faculty and students played an active role in Super Science Weekend, hosted by the New Jersey State Museum this spring. With funding from the Trenton section of the American Chemical Society, the chemistry exhibit was well stocked for hands-on experiments and proved quite popular with young visitors, reports Associate Professor Helen Tanzini, who coordinated the exhibit.

In addition to Mercer volunteers, students from Princeton, Rider and TCNJ took shifts throughout the two-day event. Experiments included a fog-producing dry ice demo, the making of artificial snow, a hands-on experiment in chromatography, the creation of “goop” using corn starch and water, and the creation of the ever-popular “slime,” which the kids could take home as a souvenir.

The event drew visitors from around the state. Tanzini noted that long lines formed in front of their exhibit. “This is my eighth year coordinating the chemistry exhibit. I like to see kids gets excited about chemistry. It’s all about the kids. When you see their expressions, it really means something. Many parents came up to us to thank us for doing this. They said, ‘This is the way to do science.’”






Some of the MCCC Super Science crew, left to right: Dawn Cook, biology teaching assistant, Rachel Jones, chemistry student, Assoc. Prof. Helen Tanzini, who organized the event, Pete Meagher, nursing student,
and Sarah Cook (front).

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Mark Galley, member of the Trenton section of the ACS, and Kitty Wagner, of Princeton University, assists youngters in making "slime."