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Comments from MCCC Student Travelers to Italy

  • "I fulfilled a lifelong dream of experiencing Italy."
  • "I learned a lot from the tours and hands-on aspect. My favorite part was learning the history when it's really in front of you."
  • "I most liked the opportunity to expand my horizons in such a physical, practical way - not only across contemporary culture, but through the annals of time."
  • "Perhaps more important than all the history, culture, food and architecture that we experienced was what I learned on this trip about myself. I really came out of my shell and opened up and for that I directly appreciate the total cultural immersion opening my eyes to so many wonders."
  • "The leaders were great, especially when we went to the Forum with the professors and they talked about it."
  • "It was much more interactive and fun than being in a classroom."
  • "I most liked the feel of being there in the center of history."
  • "The group leaders treated everyone like adults and let us get as much as we put into it. They were approachable and willing to answer questions."
  • "I liked the day at Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius the best, since the tour guide was awesome and it was so exciting to learn about this Roman civilization that existed in 79 A.D."
  • "I most liked exposure to a new culture, new friends and really good tour guide."
  • "Everyone got along and it made a huge difference to have Massimo, a very patient, funny and knowledgeable guide."
  • "I learned so much about Italy that it's hard to pinpoint one fact that's more important than another. I know that opportunities like this don't come around that often and I'm grateful for it."
Students reconnect and fill out trip surveys on the last day class.
HRIM faculty member Chris dePagnier explains the
historical significance of the dishes he prepared for the evening.
Lara Orner shares favorite photos, including one of tour guide Massimo.
Maghia Neuman describes her awe at being surrounded by history throughout the trip.

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