Student Email Coming Soon


"MercerMail," a new email system for MCCC credit students both full- and part-time, is expected to be available by the end of March. Hosted by Google, students' email addresses will follow a format similar to that of the college email system for faculty and staff: the student's last name and then his or her first initial, followed by ""

According to IT Director Susan Bowen, the system will be visually customized and branded for MCCC. Google offers this service free to educational institutions and guarantees that the addresses will not be used for advertising purposes. "We are pleased to be able to introduce this important component to faculty-student and administration-student communication," Bowen said. "The system enables students to forward their college emails to their personal email address, further insuring that they will receive email sent by the college."

Although Student Affairs/Enrollment Services will be the primary sender, student email access has college-wide value. Among the features of the Google Apps Education Edition are 2 GB of storage space, calendaring and instant messaging. Using the "Docs and Spreadsheets" feature, students will be able to collaborate on projects with classmates in real time and access documents from any computer with an Internet connection. It will be possible to send email messages to specific sub-groups of student.

After four semesters of non-enrollment, students' email addresses will be dropped from the system. Look for more details soon. For additional information, email Susan Bowen at

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