Career Services' New Assessment Tool Gets Good Marks from Student Athletes; Staff Available for Classroom Presentations


On Feb. 4, Career Services' Gail LaFrance and Suzanne Kotch presented a workshop for 21 MCCC women athletes, arranged by trainer Lisa Camillone. The workshop introduced the students to Focus 2, a new educational and career online assessment tool unveiled by the college in August.

Student-athlete Amanda Terebey found the workshop helpful. She plans to be a physical education teacher and coach, and Focus 2 confirmed that she is heading in the right direction. Camillone says she is pleased that so many athletes took advantage of the opportunity to learn more about themselves and potential careers.

Logging back on to Focus 2 are student athletes, from left,
Azaria Crews, Amanda Terebey, Jenna Berger,
Kirsten Edinger and Jen Casper (sitting).

According to LaFrance, Focus 2 replaces the college's former system, Sigi. "We thought it was time to try something new. It's a very comprehensive software program for career and educational planning," says LaFrance. "We think it's terrific."

Since the introduction of Focus 2, approximately 200 students have signed up. Once they log onto the system, they are asked to complete assessments in a variety of areas including personality traits, work interests, values and more. Based on their responses, the system combines the results and compiles a manageable list of appropriate careers. It also provides salary information, job prospects, and additional educational requirements. Printed reports are available at the click of the mouse.

With descriptions of 1200 different jobs, "Focus 2 has just about everything you can think of," says LaFrance. Making it even more beneficial and practical, the program has been customized for Mercer, linking students' career interests with academic programs offered by the college. It also supplies links to national professional organizations for a variety of fields.

LaFrance notes that this resource is open to students, staff and faculty. Those wishing to log on must first email her for the access code. She says the Career Services staff is available to do presentations in the computer labs to introduce students to Focus 2. "First we explain the philosophy behind the system and then we get on the computer and do it," she said. "Our goal is to help students make meaningful and logical decisions about their careers and their futures."

Those interested in logging onto the system or arranging for a classroom visit should email