Princeton Geosciences Professor to Speak at Mercer April 28



Princeton University Professor Dr. Francois Morel
will speak on marine biology and global survival.
Photo by Eva Groves.


Dr. Francois Morel, professor of Geosciences at Princeton University and Director of the Princeton Environmental Institute, will discuss "Marine Microorganisms and Global Survival" at on Wednesday, April 28 at 12 noon. The program is free and open to the public, and takes place in the Communications Building, Room 109, on Mercer’s West Windsor Campus, 1200 Old Trenton Road.

Dr. Morel will discuss his research on marine microorganisms and their processes that enable not just the survival and growth of individual organisms, but also the global flux of elements essential to human life like carbon and nitrogen.

A professor at Princeton since 1994, Dr. Morel teaches undergraduate and graduate studies in aquatic chemistry element cycles, surface phenomena and biogeochemistry. He has served as principal investigator on research projects including: coordination chemistry, surface chemistry and photochemistry of trace elements in natural waters; interactions between the chemistry and microbiota in aquatic systems; trace metal nutrition and toxicity in phytoplankton; and environmental bio-inorganic chemistry.

Dr. Morel has served on the editorial board of Princeton University Press since 1999. He is a visiting professor at the Université de Paris VI. Prior to his appointment at Princeton, he directed the Parsons Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

For more information on this event, call (609)586-4800, x3324.

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