Princeton Scientist to Speak on Nitrogen's Role in
Global Warming at MCCC March 1


Dr. Anne Morel-Kraepiel, of the Chemistry Department at Princeton University, will present "Fertility of Terrestrial Ecosystems, Global Warming and Pollution" at Mercer County Community College on Thursday, Mar. 1 at 12 noon. Her lecture is presented free to the public as part of Mercer's Distinguished Lecture Series and will be held on the college's West Windsor campus in the Communications Building, CM109, 1200 Old Trenton Road.

Dr. Morel-Kraepiel will discuss pollution of environments, particularly in relation to the impact of increased human uses of artificial nitrogen for activities such as agricultural fertilization and biomass burning. Nitrogen is a key nutrient limiting primary production on earth, a process that produces the basic organic compounds upon which all life depends. According to Dr. Morel-Kraepiel, the future response of ecosystems to global warming will depend in part on the availability of nitrogen and how micronutrients may be used to develop "smart" strategies to reduce nitrogen pollution.

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