Lon Van Eaton Imagines Better World
Through Music Production Company


When Lon Van Eaton, noted recording artist, producer, and entertainment entrepreneur, graduated from MCCC in 1968 with an associate degree in Mathematics, he thought about becoming a doctor. He transferred to Fresno State University with that goal in mind until an unexpected opportunity arose.

Working as a musician as a sideline while in school, Van Eaton played clarinet, saxophone, guitar, sitar and other assorted instruments with his brother, Derrek, for Jacob's Creek, a rock band that hailed from his native Trenton, NJ. Discovered by CBS/Sony Records in New York City, they were signed to its label. After a successful tour and an album release, the Van Eaton brothers signed on to the Beatles' Apple Records and later A&M Records.

"A demo we did over the summer led to the original offer from CBS," Van Eaton said. "I remember talking to my Dad and asking him what to do. He said, 'Do what you love!' So off to New York City I went. We were in the same hotel with Hendrix, Joplin, and Dylan. That was an exciting time in Greenwich Village."

After graduating from Trenton Central High School, Van Eaton initially went to Berklee College of Music in Boston, but did not stay long. "I was confused, drifting, lost and generally without purpose," Van Eaton said.

That's when he turned to Mercer. He recalls MCCC as the most important turning point in his life. "Mercer gave me focus," he said. "I got A's. I particularly remember a biology professor with his oyster tie clip, his enthusiasm, dedication and knowledge. I do my best to be like him and my other Mercer professors."

Lon Van Eaton

Musicians Derrek and Lon Van Eaton, standing from left, with George Harrison, seated center. The Van Eatons' time with the Beatles, especially their participation in the "Concert for Bangladesh," made a lifelong impression on them about the power of music and media to make difference in the world.

Today as founder and president of Imagine a Better World, Inc., a Denver-based entertainment production company Van Eaton launched in 1985, he is heading an enterprise devoted to "making conscious change through media." Inspired by John Lennon's lyrics in the songs "Imagine" and "Give Peace a Chance," Van Eaton has undertaken philanthropic projects to promote humanitarian causes. He conceived, produced and directed "Denver at The Apollo," showcasing the talents of inner city youth, and Kindness is Doing Something -- KIDS Inc. -- projects also geared to inner city youth. He launched "Give a Little Love," which starred Ben Vereen, George Harrison and Ringo Starr in support of the Boy Scouts of America. He has done pro bono work for the National Jewish Hospital, the Leukemia Society and the Ronald McDonald House. And, he finds time to share his knowledge of recording and production with children and with college students at Arapahoe Community College in Denver.

He has a musically versatile background from which to draw. His work as a singer/songwriter runs the gamut from pop, rock, elektronika to country, spiritual, jazz and classical, and has been produced by numerous notable artists including the late George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Ben Vereen, Carly Simon, and Art Garfunkel.

His latest humanitarian project, "Ah! The Dance of Life!," is an operatic musical production scheduled to premiere in Paris this September. The premiere coincides with a performance by the Symphony for the United Nations under world-renowned conductor Maestro Joseph Eger's (author of Einstein's Violin and the show's music director). "Using all art forms together on a stage is truly amazing," Van Eaton said. "Ah! The Dance of Life is not typical Broadway fare. I have always thought that once I learn something, it is time to expand into new areas. This show is a leap into new territory!"

According to Van Eaton, his message is to convey love wherever he goes. "We are all one in spirit," he said. "All the ego-based stuff means nothing. For me, the love of music is discovering the gems and rarities that are captured and recorded. The energy of each of our thoughts collectively shapes the universe. This is what Imagine a Better World is about."

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