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Digital Arts Background Prepares Alumnus Patrick Auletto for Varied Career With Technology Emphasis


West Windsor, N.J. – When Patrick Auletto ’02 (A.A.S., Advertising Design; A.A.S., Illustration) began studying graphic design and illustration at MCCC in 1999, he did not envision a career in technology.

But the digital arts skills he learned at Mercer gave him a foundation that has fast-forwarded his career with highly marketable tech know-how. This talented graphic designer is now a full-time staff member in the Faculty Training and Outreach Division at Rutgers University (RU), serving as campus supervisor within Digital Classroom Services at RU’s Piscataway campus.  He also teaches digital arts as a senior adjunct instructor at Mercer.  This fall he begins his seventh year at Mercer, teaching Illustration 1 (ADV 220) and Illustration 2 (ADV 222).

Auletto’s multi-faceted career allows him to apply his skill set in satisfying ways.  At RU, he keeps faculty members at the cutting edge of instructional technology by providing classroom support and conducting faculty workshops on the use of classroom technology and software.  At Mercer, he shares his passion for the arts in the digital age in his Illustration classes.

“Teaching at Mercer gives me the chance to provide students with the same level of enthusiasm and knowledge that the college provided for me,” Auletto says.  “It makes me proud to be part of the institution where I got my start.”  

Patrick Auletto '02

Auletto emphasizes that Mercer was clearly his best choice for starting college.  Indeed, he believes without MCCC, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

Uncertain of his career path, Auletto recalls that he had very little interest in education prior to coming to MCCC.  “Mercer helped cultivate my enthusiasm for art and technology.  The faculty and my fellow students created a comfortable learning environment, which encouraged me to thrive during my undergraduate education,” he said.

Auletto notes that courses such as Computer Concepts and Digital Imaging sparked his fire for learning and technology.  “I wanted to absorb as much knowledge on these topics as I could.  These types of courses were the building blocks of my technology and digital media education.”

Auletto also credits his Mercer professors for helping him chart a realistic career path.  “Teachers like Tina LaPlaca [Coordinator for Advertising/Graphic Design] influenced me to continue my education beyond Mercer and enlightened me to the many rewarding career opportunities in the digital arts.”  
After earning two degrees at Mercer, Auletto completed his B.F.A. degree in Illustration/Design from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 2006. 

Auletto says one of the most important lessons he has learned along the way is the importance of education.  When students ask him for advice, he draws from his own experience. 

“I believe that hard work and staying focused on your academic goals are the keys to a successful career, Auletto maintains.  “Everything you do in life adds value to your personal brand in the age of technology and social media.  You need to understand the job market.  Does your professional skill set fit what the market requires?  If not, additional education or improving your expertise is the pathway to turning your aspirations into reality.”

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