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Alumna Marlene Snyder Says MCCC Helped Her Land Dream Job at Princeton


West Windsor, N.J. – Marlene Snyder ’81 (A.A.S., Secretarial Science) is a proud Mercer alumna.  Enrolling at MCCC directly after graduating from Hamilton High West, she says she got a great education at a reasonable cost. 

After completing her MCCC associate degree, Snyder landed a job at Princeton University, where she was happily employed as an administrative assistant for 19 years.

Snyder says her job at Princeton was the highlight of her professional life. She worked in two different departments: as a secretary in the Center for Energy and Environmental Studies for nine years, and then as a technical research secretary in the Chemical Engineering Department for ten years. She was promoted several times over the years.

Retired since 2000, she recalls Princeton as a stimulating environment where she was able to grow professionally and personally.  “I related really well to the professors I was working for and I did well at my job.”

Marlene Snyder

She notes that she and other administrative professionals at that time were at the forefront of the shift to computer-based office operations and that her background prepared her to learn the new skills necessary to be effective in an increasingly complex role.  

"I started working on a computer in 1982," Snyder said, recalling that she first learned WordStar, which was a dominant software program in the early 1980s, followed by numerous other software programs throughout her career.

Snyder credits Mercer with helping her secure the job of a lifetime.  “I loved Mercer. It gave me the skills I needed to get my start.  I was able to get a great job at Princeton because of Mercer.”

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