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Jennifer Lyons Says ‘Sky’s the Limit’ with
American Honors at Mercer


Jennifer Lyons graduated from high school and went straight to work.  Any thoughts of college gradually faded as she gained solid administrative and managerial skills, as well as a healthy paycheck.

That lasted all the way to 2013, when she was laid off from her job as office manager for a group of companies that provide support services to law firms.  At the age of 32, she decided it was time to go back to school.

Lyons says that Mercer was her first choice due to its affordability and convenience to her Hopewell Township home. It was also an appealing way to ease into the college environment, having been out of school so long and having never attended at the college level.

By the spring of 2014, Lyons was enrolled at Mercer and doing well when American Honors encouraged her to enroll for the fall semester. At first she was surprised that she would be considered and then she thought, “Why do I want to do more work?” But ultimately she decided to take the plunge. “I learned more about the program and the benefits related to transfer,” she explains.

Jennifer Lyons

Lyons, who has already taken many of her required Liberal Arts courses, took just one honors course in the fall, Public Speaking with Professor Kathi Paluscio, but says the experience was first rate. Her confidence level has never been better and she believes that her high grades and her designation as an American Honors student will open doors and expand scholarship opportunities at four-year schools.

Lyons notes that even as an older student, she has clicked with many of her classmates. “I have made some nice connections with professors and with students, who take their classes very seriously. And, American Honors provides a community of support if you need it.”

While she is still weighing her future direction, Lyons is leaning towards a career in the nonprofit sector. Already a volunteer at the Children’s Home Society in Trenton, she likes the idea of devoting herself to helping others.

“The American Honors program has high expectations for students. I make attendance my top priority. I feel like the program is broadening my possibilities. The sky’s the limit,” Lyons says.

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