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Jacob Jones Says American Honors at Mercer
Is ‘Opportunity to Enjoy Learning’


Jacob Jones, a 2014 graduate of Hopewell Valley Central High School, recalls that when it came to considering college, he was a little overwhelmed. "I got a lot of mail and promotions. There were so many possibilities,” he said.
While he had taken challenging classes in high school, including AP calculus, Jones admits his attitude towards school and homework was pretty laid back. “While I love learning, I wasn’t pushing myself,” he said.

He approached his college search with the same casual attitude.  “I didn’t look hard, especially for scholarships,” he recalls.

So when he and his mom heard about American Honors at Mercer, it seemed like the best fit. “It was affordable and sounded like an opportunity to enjoy learning,” he said. And, they both believed it would give Jacob the best transfer and scholarship options after graduating from MCCC.

One semester in, Jones has taken both Honors Calculus and Honors English 101, as well as an Honors College Success class.

“I like being challenged. I excel when I enjoy learning,” he says. “The professors are so good – friendly, knowledgeable, and flexible when they need to be."

Jacob Jones

He notes that his honors professors approach their students differently. “They make you responsible for your own learning. You are not just ingesting information. You are constantly challenging yourself. There is real motivation among students in these courses. It’s taught me to push myself.”  And, he finds he is more productive. “I’m learning to do more in less time.”

Jones has also found group work to be more satisfying. He recalls group projects in high school where not everyone pulled their weight, but as he and his AH classmates prepared for an end-of-semester symposium, he found everyone working together and adding to the final product.

Jones clearly enjoys the camaraderie with other students.  “I have made many friends. There is a lounge. Sometimes it’s quiet and people are studying and other times we are having fun.”

He notes that these friendships become an academic support network as well. “If one of us is struggling in any class, there is always someone to help.”

While Jones is focused on a career in electronic computer engineering, at Mercer he is taking General Education courses. He says not all of them may be necessary for his major when he transfers, but all of them are worthwhile and adding to his knowledge base.

Jones observes that he has always been a planner and a strategizer.  Now he is a doer.

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