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Dean Blank Is Making the Most of Mercer Experience with American Honors and Extracurriculars


As a basketball player at Council Rock High School South, Dean Blank knew he wanted to play ball at the college level. But even more importantly, he had serious academic goals and was seeking a college that would help lay the foundation for his future.

So, when he spoke with Howard Levy, head coach for men’s basketball at Mercer County Community College (MCCC), he was intrigued about joining the Vikings roster. But when Levy told him about the new American Honors at Mercer program, he was sold.

A freshman from Holland, Pa. who is majoring in Business Administration, Blank has big plans, including law school. He says his American Honors classes are preparing for the challenges ahead.

“The classes are a lot smaller and are set up around a conference table to promote discussion and engagement. There is active participation from students,” he says.

Blank has found a community among his American Honors classmates. “Many of us are in the same classes. We expect that everyone is doing their assignments. It helps when other students are as motivated as you are.”

Blank notes that his AH classwork is student-driven. At the end of last semester, he and his classmates in “Introduction to Psychology” presented a skit at an American Honors symposium. “We all contributed ideas. The teacher wasn’t involved. She wanted to see us do this on our own.”

In addition to his considerable workload and participation in athletics, Blank is active in several student groups. He is a member of the Student Government Association, helping out with a clothing drive in the fall and serving as secretary/treasurer for the International Student Organization. (He has relatives in Israel and travels there every year. He also speaks fluent Ukrainian.)

With all that he is juggling, Blank sometimes finds himself completing coursework late into the night. “I do whatever it takes,” he says, adding that his hectic schedule is worth it.

“I want to explore all my options. I’m paying for this education. I want to make the most of it.”




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Dean Blank

Dean Blank, second from right, with other members of the Student Government Association during Club Day in January.
Blank on the court for the Vikings