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American Honors Student Chioma Okoro
Takes Education Seriously


Chioma Okoro of Hamilton has been around the world academically.  Attending the first two years of high school in New York City, she spent her junior and senior years at a school in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria.

A student with a ready smile, Okoro is, nonetheless, very serious about her studies.  “I want to go into law or politics,” she said.  “My goal is to help children.  I have seen young people go astray.”

She moved to Hamilton in 2013 and started at Mercer that fall.  When she heard about American Honors (AH) at Mercer, she was already into her Liberal Arts curriculum, but decided to apply anyway.

Okoro believes that the value she places on education has made her a good fit for American Honors.  “It's a program for students who take education seriously,” she said. “I like the fact that the program is helping us achieve our dreams.” 

Both of Okoro’s AH classes in the fall, English 102 and a history course about the Holocaust and other genocides, were distinct from her other classes. “They were smaller and the workload was heavier.  There was frequent one-on-one interaction.  We all had a chance to have our say in class. Everyone had input,” she recalls.

AH Student and Basketball Player Chioma Okoro

A two-year basketball player for the Lady Vikings, Okoro has split much of her time between the classroom and the basketball court.  When she gets home, she often finds herself completing assignments late into the night.

She notes that advisor Nick Geremia is a valuable ally.  "Nick is guiding me.  He wants me to be a shining star.  He makes me feel good about myself and wants to see me excel.”

Okoro has been accepted to her dream school, Howard University.  “I always knew I would apply there, but American Honors has done as much as possible to help me financially.”

Okoro believes that nothing worthwhile in life is easy.  “Sometimes you have to challenge yourself if you want to stand out.  And sometimes you find out it’s not as hard as you thought it would be.”

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