MCCC Women’s Tennis Team Heads
for Nationals as Defending Champs


The MCCC Women’s Tennis Team is completing its practice season prior to the NJCAA national tournament, which commences in Tucson, AZ, on May 6. According to MCCC Head Coach Marc Vecchiolla, the women have put in a lot of hard work since January, refining the skills that earned them the national title in May 2005 and the Region 19 title in the fall with a record of 7-0.

At a two-year school, where player turn-over is often the case, Vecchiolla has retained all but one of his starting players from last year. “I’ve never had a more experienced team,” he said. “Everyone is playing well. We are pumped up for this tournament.”

Pictured are, back row, l. to r., Jessica Fleming, Daniela Provost, Caitlin Bagdonas, Asst. Coach Ralph Bencivengo, Siobhan Cahill,
Asst. Coach Barb Pleva, and Head Coach Marc Vecchiolla;
F ront row, l to r., Sherry Lin, Monica Nichols, co-captains Natalia Huff and Krystle Duay, Jane Senor, and Rachel Hendrickson.

Vecchiolla notes that like last year, the roster is strong in all nine flights. “Regardless of our finish at Nationals, I'll be talking about this particular team for years,” he said. “I've been awestruck by the team's chemistry and the players’ commitment to their games and to each other. These women will go into the tournament focused and determined, recognizing that at the national level the matches are always competitive."

The roster includes: co-captain Natalia Huff (#1), Caitlin Bagdonas (#2), Rachel Hendrickson (#3), co-captain Krystle Duay (#4), Siobhan Cahill (#5), Sherry Lin (#6), Jane Senor (#7), Monica Nichols (#8), Daniela Provost (#9), and Jessica Fleming (#10). In doubles pairings, Huff/Senor will play at #1, Bagdonas/Cahill will play at #2 and Hendrickson /Duay will play at #3.

As the dominant powerhouse in Region 19, Mercer has won the regional title for nine consecutive years, and has won the national championship four times. In 2005, Vecchiolla was inducted into the NJCAA Women’s Tennis Coaches Hall of Fame. With a career record at Mercer of 66 wins and 4 losses and four national titles to his credit, Vecchiolla is responsible for putting Mercer on the national map in women’s tennis since he helped to revive the team in 1998 after a 12-year hiatus.

Assisting Vecchiolla are Barb Pleva and Ralph Bencivengo.

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