MCCC Men's Soccer Team Photo 2005


Ranked number one in the country, Mercer Men's Soccer Team posted a 16-0-1 record during the season and defeated Essex (NJ) CC for the Region 19 crown. The Vikings will play in the Northeast District Tournament at Mercer Nov. 5-6. The winner goes on to the national championship.

Pictured are: (back row, left to right) Asst. Coach Patrick Snyder, Nicholas Cherry, Thomas DeStefano, Siem Alem, James Ruiz-Diaz, Marcus Price, Marius Kapxhiu, Hubert Markowski, Lester Ombwayo, Jason James, and Asst. Coach John Pietrowski; (middle row, left to right) Asst. Coach Bill Dailey, Jilmar Perez, Giorgos Pirillou, Pawel Zinger, Thomas Fink, Tavis Higgins, Walter Taffur, Muner Hassen, Ricardo Garcia, and Asst. Coach Larry Povia; (front row, left to right) Head Coach Charlie Inverso, Awel Mohammed, Jonathan Agudelo, Yacob Rahav, Jeffrey Fisher, Aidan Thornley, Ibrahima Fadiga, Nicholas Devine, Refael Segal, Anthony Moy, and Juan Benegas.

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