MCCC Security Bike Patrol to Start in May

Staff and students can expect to see security officers in black and yellow jackets and yellow jerseys cycling around the campus starting in early May. Following a full-day training session by a representative from the League of American Bicyclists on April 3, 11 MCCC officers are ready to do their rounds on campus via bicycle.

According to Security Chief John Raimondi, the MCCC Bike Patrol adds important capabilities to the existing use of security trucks and golf carts by allowing officers to respond more quickly, safely and easily in a variety of situations. Raimondi notes that they are also a sound "green" alternative.

The department will have two bikes, equipped with EMT supplies and light units, and expects every shift to be covered by at least one cyclist in good weather. Vehicles will still be used to haul equipment, jump start cars and transport students in an emergency.

Notes cycling enthusiast, Sergeant Tim Klockner, the initiative is great for the officers too. "It will keep us in shape and we can add this to our professional skills. Everyone's excited about it."

Adds Bryon Marshall, assistant director of facilities, "This additional method of patrol will improve communications between the officers and members of the campus community we serve. The bike patrol concept is internationally recognized as promoting personal and direct contacts and communications while improving patrol mobility and response times."





The first step was classroom training with Fran
Horne, from the League of American Bicyclists. She is pictured Sergeant Tim Klockner.
In the afternoon session at Mercer County Park,
Horne reviewed rules for hand signals
and other riding safety tips.
Security officers are ready to ride.
Officer John Wambach completes the obstacle course.