MCCC Presidential Forum
Oct. 16, 2008

In an hour-long "Presidential Forum" held at Kelsey Theatre on Oct. 16, representatives from the Obama and McCain campaigns described their candidates' positions before a full house that included students, faculty members, and staff. Mark Alexander, a law professor at Seton Hall University who heads Obama's New Jersey campaign, and Robbinsville Mayor David Fried, who chairs the McCain campaign in Mercer County, answered questions posed by moderator Linda Bregstein Scherr.

Among the topics addressed were health care, the economy, and the war in Iraq. The second portion of the program was devoted to a vigorous question-and-answer period. At the conclusion of the debate, student reporters from the College Voice and Mercer's cable television station interviewed Alexander and Fried.

Despite their key policy differences, both Alexander and Fried agreed that students must exercise their right to vote. Fried noted, "The right to vote was a gift from our forefathers." Alexander added, "Vote on November 4. But don't stop there. It's up to you to be part of the change we all deserve."

Dean Robin Schore thanked all who were involved in organizing and publicizing the event. He especially praised the students who attended. "Kelsey Theatre was filled with attentive, engaged students. The questions they asked the two presidential surrogates were on a level of sophistication as high as any posed by big-name pundits on Sunday morning television panels." The event was covered by Chris Sturges, a reporter from the Trenton Times.


















President Donohue welcomed the panelists. From left are Obama representative Mark Alexander, moderator Linda Bregstein Scherr and McCain representative David Fried.
Mark Alexander represented
Senator Barack Obama.
David Fried represented
Senator John McCain.

Students asked thoughtful questions
on a number of issues.