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Course Title
Special Notes
College Phyiscs I & II

PHY 101

PHY 102

PHY 101 and 102 are offered during spring, fall, and summer sessions.

Fundamentals of Physics PHY 109

PHY 109 is offered in spring and fall.  

University Physics I, II, and III

PHY 115 & 215 are offered in spring and fall.

PHY 225 is offered only in spring.

PHY225 requires PHY115 not PHY215.

PHY225 can be taken together with PHY215.

Honors Research in Physics


PHY 293

PHY 294

Students taking PHY 115 and PHY 215 are eligible to apply for the Community College Internship (CCI) at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. 


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Jamie Shah just emailed Prof. Hector Dimas on March 15, 2018 that he is offered an Air Force HPSP schoolarship.

David Boland has been accepted to attend University of Wisconsin-Madison in spring 2018.

Ange Tape has been accepted into NASA 2017 Jet Propulsion Laboratory Internship.

Michael M. has been accepted into the PPPL 2015 summer research internship program.

Leandro F.  has been accepted into the BYU 2015 summer research internship program.


2014 Physics club members Charlie, Aram, and Michael examined the just-imploded 55 gallon steel drum at the quad.

Ange Tape with other NASA summer interns, 2017.



Maxwell Hazzon presented research poster at the Beacon Conference for Undergraduate Research in June 2017.

The research was computer simulation of the cost of having fresh air inside a room during winter in New Jersey.  The results are unexpected: less than 50 cents!

The research was carried out by PHY225 students,

Basu, Shila
Chitnis, Amogh
Cruz, Juan G.
Drumond, Talys
Germann, Corey H.
Hazzon, Maxwell R.
Kolb, Connor J.
Patskevich, Yauheni

Shila Basu, Amogh Chitnis, Talys Drumond, and Maxwell Hazzon also presented the poster at the Bergen STEM conference in April 2017.


Physics major Robert Albertson was the recipient of multiple awards at the May, 2013 Honors Convocation. Also pictured is, from left, Vice President for Academic Affairs Donald Generals, Dean of Science and Health Professions Linda Martin, Jeffrey Cornelius, who has established the Professor Betty Cornelius Mathematics Excellence Scholarship, and President Patricia C. Donohue.  Robert was former Physics Club president and is studying physics at The College of New Jersey.

Physics Students Nathaniel Goldfarb is transfering to Stevens Institute of Technology with a Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship.  Felipe Kubaski is transfering to Rutgers University with a Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship.  Robert Albertson, Michael McNulty, and Semion Ribansky are winners of 2013 Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory summer internships. 


Pi Day Celebration

 Physics Club Sponsored Pi Day Baking Contest, Einstein Look-alike Contest, and Pi reciting Context.  Pitured from left are Hamad Rehman, Xiao Zheng, Mathew Persico, and Martha Pogosyan.  3.14.2013

Einstein Look-alike winners are: Prof. Bill Luyster, Prof. Framarz Khoushab, and Prof. Michael Dorneman.

Pi Baking Contest Winner is Martha Pogosyan for her apple pie.

Prof. Ken Klouda recited 64 digits of Pi without error and stands out as the winner.



College Physics I & University Physics I

Plainsboro Police Sgt. John Bresnen

in physics classroom with Dr. Huang,

presents Physics in Police Investigation

on October 20, 2012. He demonstrates

that course content can be applied

in road accident reconstruction to solve

real-world problems.

College Physics II & Unversity Physics II

Michael McNulty presents research

project on sustainable energy as

a summer intern at Princeton

Plasma Physics Lab (PPPL)

Summer Syposium


University Physics III

Prof. Dimas and students visit

Princeton Plasma Physics Lab





A.S. Degree in Physics




Greek Alphabet is not a Myth

Learn Greek Alphabet

Greek Alphabet Song

Significant Figure

Khan Academy

100 Amazing Videos

MIT Open Courseware

Classical Mechanics

Electricity and Magnetism


Looking for a book to read?

Surely You Are Joking, Mr. Feymann!  (Adventures of a Curious Character) by Richard Feymann

"What Do You Care What Other People Think?" Further Adventures of a Curious Character by Richard Feymann

"Einstein: His Life and Universe" by Walter Isaacson

Looking for a movie to watch?

Sherlock Holms
Problem Solving
Wipe Out (TV)
Circular Motion & Centripetal Acceleration
Cool Runnings
Conservation of Energy
Wall - E
Newton's 3rd Law & Conservation of Momentum
Pressure, Buoyant Force, and Archimedes Principle
The Day After Tomorrow
Heat and Thermophysics
Electric Field, Electric Potential, Cage Effect
A series of Unfortunate Events: 1. The Bad Beginnning
Optics: Converging Lenses
The Theory of Everything
Stephen Hawkins' Home Life
Intersteller (2015)
Modern Physics
The Big Bang Theory (TV)
General Physics
Cosmos (TV)
General Physics



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AP Physics Tests Credits

Test Score Credits
AP Physics C Mechanics 4 or 5 University Physics I, PHY 115

AP Physics C

Electricity and Magnetism

4 or 5 University Physics II, PHY 215
AP Physics 1 4 or 5 College Physics I, PHY 101
AP Physics 2 4 or 5

College Physics II, PHY 102


Fundamentals of Physics, PHY 109, if student requests

AP Physics B 4 or 5

College Physics I, PHY 101 &

College Physics II, PHY 102