Adjunct Instructor James Martin                                       


Summer 2012 Schedule

PHI-102 Introduction to Philosophy


            MW 900am-1230pm


           7/ 5/12-8/9/12

Prof. Martin is team teaching this course with Ashley Atkins.



James Martin is a PhD candidate at Princeton University and works mostly in philosophy of mathematics and philosophy of language. Before coming to Princeton, he earned an M.A. in philosophy at Virginia Polytechnical Institute and two B.A. degrees from North Carolina State University in electrical engineering and philosophy. 


Professor Martin has been teaching philosophy at MCCC since 2012. 


Office Hours

Summer 2012: Mondays 1240pm-140pm

                       LA-148 & by appointment 


James Martin Ph.D. (abd)

Adjunct Instructor

Office: 609-570-3302/3305
Fax: 609-570-3884

Mail: Mercer County Community College
PO Box B Trenton, NJ 08690







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