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Obituary July 13, 2012

Professor Goldwasser taught at MCCC for 47 years.  He taught philosophy for 39 years and served for many years as the Social Science chairperson.  He loved to challenge students to think critically about current day issues as well as ancient ideas and ideals.  Ultimately, he brought his own ideals to action through the Holocaust/Genocide Resource Center on the West Winsor Campus, as its Director for many years.

Through film, literature, music and lectures, he passionately promoted human dignity and denounced prejudice, racism, tribalism and oppression.  He went to great lengths to demonstrate global examples of genocide and often invested his own money to ensure that the best materials were available to our students, the school children and educators throughout the county who used the center, as well as Mercer’s own faculty and staff.  Though Professor Goldwasser was retired, he was still a consistent presence on the campus.


Professor Saul M. Goldwasser taught philosophy fulltime at Mercer from 1965 through 2004, and since then as a part-time professor. He also served as a Social Science Department Chair and as the Dean of the Liberal Arts Division. i

He has previously served as the Director of the Mercer County Holocaust Genocide Resource Center located here at MCCC in the library. See:

Professor Goldwasser earned a B.A. at Bridgeport University and an M.A. at Boston University. While at Boston University, he was a part time instructor while still a graduate student. He was a teaching assistant at Tufts University and also a part time instructor at a Massachusetts State College. In New Jersey, he was on the faculty of Trenton Junior College before it became Mercer County College. He has been a recipient of a National Endowment for the Humanities summer fellow at Rutgers University. Further, he has twice been a Mid-Career Fellow at Princeton University: first, as a visiting fellow in the Sociology Department and secondly, and more recently, as a visiting fellow in the History Department. He also has written the introduction to the eminent philosopher Walter Kaufmann's The Future of the Humanities: Teaching Art, Religion, Philosophy, Literature and History.


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