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Magnetic Fields and the Sun


Recommendations for Integration: 

Use after discussing magnetism, sub-atomic particles, fusion, and plasma, as a way to demonstrate the general relations between the many concepts and disciplines of science.


Use as a opening activity for discussing any of the above concepts.


Use with a unit on Astronomy or The Solar System.



Download several images of all types for students to compare. You may post them on your own web site, or print them and freely distribute them for your students. NASA, SOHO, and ESA materials are free from copyright restrictions for use by educators, although educators are asked to include an attribution.

At there is the following:

“Notice: The use of SOHO images or data for public education efforts and non-commercial purposes is strongly encouraged and requires no expressed authorization. It is requested, however, that any such use properly attributes the source of the images or data as:

"Courtesy of SOHO/[instrument] consortium. SOHO is a project of international cooperation between ESA and NASA."

Where [instrument] stands for the name of the instrument that acquired the data (i.e. SOHO/EIT, SOHO/LASCO, etc).

Another, shorter, version of the notice:

is "SOHO (ESA & NASA)"