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Magnetic Fields and the Sun


Time:  Worksheet – Approximately 50 minutes
             Formal Laboratory Write-Up – Approximately 1 ½ hours



Online access, printer (B&W is adequate), cheap white printer paper, Student Worksheets if desired



An understanding of magnetic fields and the relationship between moving charges and magnetic fields, the transmission of heat by convection, the nature of the sub-atomic particles normally discussed as comprising matter, and the nature of the Sun.



This RWLO can be used in the classroom, as an out of class activity, or can be started in the classroom and completed out of class.


This writer uses this activity to review and knit together the concepts of magnetism, states of matter, temperature, and the Solar System. Alternatively, this activity could be used to introduce and cover these concepts.

The instructor should familiarize him or herself with the SOHO web site, and practice printing appropriate images. He or she should also print copies of Student Directions and Worksheets prior to class.


There are two sets of Student Directions. The first is for use with a Worksheet on which the students will write answers to questions about this activity. The second set of Student Directions has the students write their results in a laboratory write-up format. That format is briefly discussed in the Student Directions.



    1. Review relevant topics
    2. Distribute handouts, discuss student procedure, and teach online procedures if necessary.
    3. Discuss formal write-up and grading. Give students some guidance as to what is expected if they are asked to do their own write up.
    4. Start the activity or assign as homework

    Note: The MDI pictures labeled “Continuum” are visible images, shaded a bit orange to emphasize differences.