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My thought's about the "Physical Science Concepts" course

My thought's about the "Physical Science Concepts" course, PHY 111, at MCCC.

PHY 111 is designed to have students learn about the nature of the physical universe, as it is generally understood by the main-stream scientific community. Because of this, I expect students in this course to study to remember the concepts and ideas presented, and to evidence an understanding of these concepts by answering questions about them. The course does not cover any concept in detail, and many details are left out in striving for straight forward and understandable descriptions. The material is not hard. However, unlike many more typical courses, I expect you to come away actually knowing information about all topics in the course. This means that you need to study. Compared to many courses, there is a lot of material! This means you need to study differently. You cannot pass the tests by studying the week before the exam. You must study very frequently. I recommend that you study all the material covered in the course every day. As the semester proceeds, this will get to be a lot of material, so you may want to only study the material on the up coming exam.