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STAT 2400-2400H

Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data, 2nd edition       

Author: Michael Sullivan, III

Publisher: Prentice Hall

the Central limits theorem

Everything you want to know about histograms

McDonald's USA nutrition facts-DATA SET

Stratified random sample using TI83

How to use your calculator

video tutorials

My Math Lab

Companion website

Graphing calculator help

TI 30 X- II S guide

TI34II instructions

DASL - data and story library

MINITAB 15 Tutorial

Statistics glossary

understanding terms

Help to understand the concepts in statistics

SOCR-A statistics tool


linear regression video

Binomial probability

Binomial probability video

Normal probability distribution

Central Limit Theorem

z scores proportion

Use your calculator for hypothesis testing

Hypothesis testing-types of tests

confidence Interval tutorial

Super tutor in statistics

Lists of Resources
   St@tServ, information server for statistics and data analysis
   Statistics and Statistical Graphics Resources
   Lessions in Statistics
   A Guide to the Web for Statisticians
   Institute of Statistics and Decision Sciences, Duke University
   AmoebaWeb - psychology resources on the Web!
   Statistics on the Web
   Math Archives - Statistics
   Math Forum Internet Resource Collection - Annotated Version
   Bibliography for Computational Probability and Statistics

another useful glossary