Spring 2010


Select any of the remaining topics in special education. Use your textbook and syllabus for reference. For example, Communication disorders, speech and language disorders, autism, ADHD, vision impairments, physical disabilities, etc. Find a full text article from an academic journal source. Use Ebsco or 

Look smart, or any other academic database.Use free articles only.Be sure that your article is a scientific study. (METHOD,PARTICIPANTS,DATA ANAYSIS,RESULTS,etc.)Print the full text article and write a one to two page summary of the article. USE the APA foramt.


Include: Title of the article, Title of the journal, author, and the date. How does the article enhance or contribute to the information in the textbook? Cite the textbook pages that discuss your topic.

Attach the article to your discussion and bring it to class on Tuesday. Be prepared to share your discussion with the class.


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Work on developing your lesson

October 26,2006 download  this file for your lesson plan

EDU102fall2006Lesson Planning Format

collect on line resources to help you develop your lesson.


Session 1 organizer

Session 2 organizer

Observation guidelines

teacher interview

Use these sites to find a movie

Physical disability in the movies Mental disability/Psychiatry in the movies

Web Sites

Films involving disability Media History and Disability (Clio, Winter 1999, Volume 31, Number 2)

Psychiatry and Film: A Fatal Attraction (Citizens' Commission on Human Rights) University of Chicago bibliography on psychiatry in cinema

Chapter 4 organizer