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Cable TV and Distribution Center

Location: Communications Center, Room CM 120

Phone: 609-586-4800, ext. 3700 or 3701Return to MCCC Home Page

Hours of operation: Mon. - Fri.  7:00am to 10:00pm
Sat.   8:00am to 1:00pm

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bd14866_.gif (501 bytes) Request for Maintenance of AV Equipment   (Use this form to report any equipment problems you experience)  

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RAINBOW.GIF (2709 bytes)   Mobile Multimedia Computer Stations

RAINBOW.GIF (2709 bytes)   Data/Video Projectors (LCD)
RAINBOW.GIF (2709 bytes)   Video cassette players* RAINBOW.GIF (2709 bytes)   35mm slide projectors
RAINBOW.GIF (2709 bytes)    Laser Disc Players RAINBOW.GIF (2709 bytes)   Overhead projectors
RAINBOW.GIF (2709 bytes)    DVD Players RAINBOW.GIF (2709 bytes)   Document Cameras
RAINBOW.GIF (2709 bytes)    Public Address Systems/Microphones RAINBOW.GIF (2709 bytes)  16mm film projectors
RAINBOW.GIF (2709 bytes)    Audio cassette recorders RAINBOW.GIF (2709 bytes)   Film strip projectors


To request the use of equipment or services you should submit a Request for Facilities form to the Cable TV and Distribution Center.  Forms are available from your academic division office or the Cable TV & Distribution Center. Forms must be submitted at least 2 working days in advance.

  Equipment will be delivered to the room indicated on the form.


  • Check the completed form for accuracy.

  • Return the completed form to room CM 120.

  • Notify the center immediately should your room assignment change or to cancel your request.

  • Instructors should inspect all equipment at least 15 minutes prior to the start of class.

  • If a problem is discovered, use the silver call box located in most classrooms to notify the center.

  • Call the center when you have finished with any specially ordered equipment.


If you need assistance with any equipment use the silver call box (located on the wall between the door and the black-board in most classrooms).  Push the button once and wait for a response.

  To report a breakdown you should:

  • Use the silver call box, or

  • Call extension 3700, or

  • Complete a Request for Maintenance form (also available in academic division offices).

Equipment breakdowns may also be reported through your division chairperson.

  Please report all equipment breakdowns immediately.

  Other services are available upon request.  Call the center for more    information.