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Professor Laura. Blinderman (email)

Welcome to BIO 102 Fall 2011 The textbook is available in the bookstore or online as hard copy or etext. New hardcopy books are packaged with an access code for online resources. The access code is not required for the course but online resources are useful.The lab manual is required and should be purchased prior to the first lab

Required Textbooks:

    • Biology, 8th ed., 2008. Campbell, Reece. Pearson Benjamin Cummings
    • Explorations in Basic Biology, 11th edition, 2008. Gunstream. Pearson Benjamin Cummings

New: I am not teaching BIO102 at this time.


BIO102 Course Outline

Unit 1


Unit 2

Objectives 2

Chapter 14

chapter 15

chapter 16

chapter 17



angiogenesis 2

How to summarize an article - instructions for science article assignment

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Unit 3