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Here's what some of our graduates have had to say about the PTA program and being a PTA...


Shara is currently working in

an acute care hospital where

she has been able to utilize

her skills with a wide variety

of patients.She likes the variety

of patients that she sees and

her ability to help people accomplish

their goals.Shara is considering going

back to school to continue her formal


Rebecca is currently working in an acute care hospital . She has experience in out patient orthopedic and skilled nursing facilities where she enjoyed getting to know her patients. She is enjoying the challenge of the new setting and learning new skills while "brushing up" on her manual techniques. She has been the APTAnj Caucus Representative for several years ending her term in 2011.

Brian is currently working in the out patient

department of an acute care hospital.

He enjoys working with a wide variety

of patients and has assumed the role of

mentor for PTA student/learners

who now affiliate at that facility and look

up to him.



TIm has been working steadily at the same

facility since he graduated and he too is now

a clinical instructor for PTA student/learners.

Tim takes pride in what he does and enjoys

investing his time with his patients knowing

that he has made a difference in their lives

and that his skills have helped to improve the

quality of their lives.

Nick has been working in an out patient

orthopedic facility where he has enjoyed

being able to combine his knowledge of

exercise/ fitness and unique motivational

style with physical therapy. He enjoys

working with people to help them become

more of what they want to be or be able to

return to prior levels of function.