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Learner Expenses

for the PTA Program Curriculum


As a learner in the PTA program, you are entitled to know approximately what costs are associated with the curriculum in addition to the tuition to the college. Costs are subject to change after the publication of this document, however; the following information will provide learners with a reasonable expectation for the amounts involved (where known).

You, the learners are responsible for all costs incurred while having a physical with your family physician for the purpose of completing the necessary health information worksheet. You, the /learner are also responsible for attaining and maintaining your own health insurance policy. The forms and proof of insurance are due in the Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education’s office (MS 157) PRIOR to the beginning of the fall semester of the professional phase of the PTA program.

Transportation Expenses
Learners are responsible for their own transportation costs to and from all scheduled classes and clinical affiliations. This includes any other expenses incurred for food, parking, tolls etc., while attending PTA program classes.

Tuition and Fee Estimates for 2018-2019*

  Per credit Tuition Lab supplies Other* Textbooks TOTAL
In county


Out of county
Out of state

*these figures represent estimates that are subject to change and should be used only for planning purposes

• Tuition is based upon 67 credits and includes a college fee ($22.75 per credit) and technology fee ($23.50 per credit) which have been multiplied by the total number of credits for the PTA program
• Lab supplies include a lab coat, name-tag, patch, and 2 goniometers, and a graduation fee.
• Textbooks: represents an estimate based upon the cost of new required books for the courses which are subject to change and should be used for planning purposed only.
• Other: lab courses PTA 107,201, 210, 211, 213 & 216 include a fee that covers liability insurance and
Clinical Education Courses PTA 224, 235 and 240 have a fee for clinical liability insurance which deals with the clinical environment and patient care.

 Fee information updated 3/18 and effective starting with the summer 2018 semester                                            03/2018

Lab Coats
Lab Coats are required for competency testing and Clinical Education courses. The lab coat must have a patch on the Left shoulder that indicates Mercer County Community College Physical Therapy, and student/learners must also wear a name tag that indicates their name and "MCCC PTA Student". These items are available through a vendor who visits the MCCC campus. Together, these items are approximately $45.00.

Memberships (optional)
Membership in the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) is encouraged. Student membership is available to students who have entered the professional phase of the curriculum. APTA dues for student members are approximately $80.00.

Fees Associated with Licensure:
Once a student/learner has successfully completed the PTA curriculum and graduated from the college, he or she is eligible for licensure in New Jersey as a Physical Therapist Assistant. It is the responsibility of the student/learner to access the licensure application from the New Jersey State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners website or request an application from whatever state he or she plans on applying for licensure.. There are different types of fees associated with licensure, taking the licensure examination, and registration of the license itself.

Application Fee to the NJ Deptartment of Consumer Affairs: $125.00
Temporary registration as a PTA $75.00 until successful completion of the licensure examination Permanent Licensure Fees (2 year period) $100.00 once the examination scores have met the minimal passing criteria set by the state

Renewed every 2 years for an additional $100.00
to maintain right to practice in New Jersey as a PTA

Examination Service Application Fee: $185.00
Test Taking Fee Due on Test Date $40.00

National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) administered by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy:

This is a national exam that all states an US territories have accepted as part of the licensure requirement to establish eligibility to practice as a Physical Therapist Assistant . Once someone has graduated from an Accredited PTA program and successfully passes the NPTE, he or she may apply to take the NPTE and then have the score released to whatever state the candidate wishes to apply for licensure to practice physical therapy within. The cost for the NPTE is $400. Each state also has a Jurisprudence Exam which costs approximately $40-50.

As previously stated, these fees are subject to change. The costs listed are estimates. MCCC is not responsible for the changes that might occur in the amounts that have been stated. These have been provided for advisory purposes only.