PTA 201 Therapeutic Exercise

Fall 2017

Jessica Sliker PTA, BS

Course Instructor

Holly Kaiser PT, DPT

Course Coordinator

Course #:

PTA 201

Course Title:    

Therapeutic Exercise

Credit Hours:


Contact Hours in Semester:   


Number of weeks:



Lecture and Lab

Pre-requisite Course(s):

PTA 105 Kinesiology

PTA 107 Therapeutic Measurement

Co-requisite Course(s):


Division of Health Professions

PTA Program Faculty



Please consult the PTA Program Textbook link and confirm selections with course instructor.



Introduces treatment interventions that correlate with patient therapy goals.  Topics include range of motion and strengthening.  Emphasizes activities to promote clinical decision making using patient scenarios.


Course Goals:

Following the successful completion of this course with a grade of C+ or higher, the learner will be able to:



  • Recognize that there is a relationship between impairments, functional limitations, patient goals and the therapeutic interventions chosen to address them.
  • Provide appropriate therapeutic interventions for a given patient scenario, including possible progressions and taking into account precautions and contraindications.
  • Demonstrate therapeutic interventions including clear instructions, verbal cues and tactile cues that results in proper performance of the exercise or intervention.