PTA 105 Kinesiology Important Dates & Registration Information

 There are a limited number of seats available in each of the PTA specific courses. If someone has not previously taken a course at Mercer,then registration must take place in person on campus the first time one registers to take a course at Mercer until the system has a Mercer student record for you.  After that, one will be able to register online for classes. Each year registration for the PTA program courses has been brisk and courses have filled up quickly. For this reason it is important that dates for registration be closely observed and that everyone plan ahead.

Planning ahead means the following:


Make sure that Mercer‘s Student Records Office has:

PTA 105 Kinesiology

Official copies of transcripts of BIO 103 Human Anatomy& Physiology I is on file. This is the pre-requisite course

Official copies of transcripts of Anatomy & Physiology I on file verifying thata grade of C+ or higher was earned. Please note that before any A&P will actually transfer, you must complete all 8 credits at the same academic institution within the past 5 years.


The college publishes registration dates for each semester on the college website which can be accessed at and looking at the calendar for that year.

In general, registration for the spring semester occurs at the end of October and registration for the fall semester occurs approximately around spring break each year. 


PTA 105 Kinesiology is available in both the fall and spring semesters and it is offered over a 14 week semester.It is offered in both online and in traditional formats during both the fall and spring semesters.


  • All Mercer student/learners have access to their unofficial transcripts online which include a listing of :
    • courses completed
    • courses for which credit has been granted from other academic institutions
    • courses that are in progress at Mercer
    • courses that you have registered for in upcoming semesters


  • Access to Mercer’s unofficial transcript can be accomplished by going to Mercer’s website at and clicking on the Click here to go to MyMercer link and then entering your Student ID number from the back of your name tag or top right hand corner of your schedule and then entering your PIN.

 All PTA prefixed courses and science courses must be passed with a minimum rade of C+ for someone to move forward in the PTA program.

PTA 105 Registration FAQs 

  • How do I register for this course?
    • Registration for PTA prefixed courses can only occur if the pre-requisite courses have been satisfied. Then registration is handled on a “first come first served” basis. For PTA prefixed courses, email Beth Knight at
    • PTA 105 has BIO 103 Anatomy & Physiology I as a pre-requisite
      • If official copies of transcripts for BIO 103 with a grade of C+ or higher are on file with Mercer's Student Records Office with a notation listed on your Mercer transcript, then you would be considered eligible to register, once the registration period opens for the semester.
      • That transcript may not be more than 5 years old.
    • If I can't get into a class in the fall semester shouldn't I automatically be registered for it in the spring semester?
      • There are no “automatics” when it comes to registering for classes. Requests for classes do not carry over from semester to semester. If you need a class, register for it.


All PTA prefixed courses and Science courses must be passed with grades of "C+" or higher.

All PTA prefixed courses may only be attempted twice.